• Cellfire
    Cellfire is the premier destination for valuable savings on groceries, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. Get access and use offers from your PC and/or mobile phone. This service is provided free of charge to all users. With Cellfire, you’ll never have to print, clip, or forget your coupons again!
  • Shortcuts
    Shortcuts.com, a free service of AOL, is a comprehensive savings destination offering multiple savings opportunities including Electronic Coupons, Printable Coupons, Mobile Coupons, Online Coupons Codes and Cash Back Savings. Electronic Coupons link savings directly to store savings cards, Click here to see a full list of participating stores.
  • Kroger
  • PGeSaver
  • MeijerMperks
    Meijer has launched a new program called MPerks!  Create an account for free by signing up with your cell phone.  You will get a text to confirm your subscription and then you will be able to load coupons directly linked to your cell phone number. There is nothing to swipe just enter your cell phone number at the checkout on the keypad and your coupons will immediately come off.
  • Target
    or text “COUPONS” to 827438 and you will receive a monthly message with exclusive deals. The cashier scans the bar code right on the phone.

Remember that your coupon policy at each store is different. Usually e-coupons aren’t doubled & can’t be stacked.


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