Kroger New Coupon Policy

13 Mar

Kroger has officially changed their coupon policy. They no longer allow stacking of eCoupons and paper coupons. Their policy has said 1 manufacturer’s coupon per item so this change is actually a change in the computer system.

Kroger made the change of the policy to reflect in their computer system. Effective immediately you can only use 1 manufacturer’s coupon per item purchased. This includes eCoupons (, Cellfire, Shortcuts and P&G eSaver coupons). They have changed their system so that now only 1 coupon can come off per item. So if you have an eCoupon loaded to your card it will come off (1 item) and then if you hand a paper coupon too it will show a message that it is not valid and the cashier will not be able to force it through.

The official policy reads: Limit one manufacturer’s coupon for any particular item. Items must be purchased in sizes specified on coupon.

If you want to remove coupons from your card log into your account then click on active coupons then click on remove.  As of right now you can not remove cellfire or shortcuts.


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