The weekend is near

18 Feb

I don’t know about you but these warm temperatures make me want summer months here faster than I can blink! I want to plant, compost, garage sale and have picnics. Until then we will just continue to plug along and prepare for winter temperatures (again), pack on the pounds for a longer hibernation and make endless bowls of soup.

The coupons aren’t that exciting this week, only an insert from RedPlum, click here for your preview. If your lucky you can get a paper like I did last week with three of the same SmartSource ad! Can someone say a stockpile of Gain fabric softener! Remember if you only buy one paper or want more coupons you can order more.

Daily Coupons

Daily Deals

Daily Tip
Keep an eye on your friends…if they “LIKE” something (business/product) on Facebook there is usually a reason…check it out. It is great way to score some wonderful coupons! Let us know what FB likes you have scored on.

With Valentines Day being over, remember to snag your goodies at great discount prices (50-75%) for next year!

If you didn’t know, SSCM is on Facebook. LIKE us and receive updates as they come in, which is all day long 🙂

Swagbucks Friday

Swagbucks, as my husband describes to everyone is like finding pennies…wouldn’t you pick a penny up if you found it? So using Swagbucks search engine is just like finding money while you are on the internet. (Every point earned is like finding a penny) Save 450 SB & purchase a $5 Amazon gift card. We average about 1 gift card a week! Now that is some serious penny picking! If you are interested in signing up there is no cost, click here and find your own pennies.


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