27 Jan

If you haven’t signed up for Groupon yet, you may want to now! It’s FREE to register and there’s no obligation for you to participate in any future offers! Watch the video HERE to learn what its all about! Some helpful explanation (directly from today’s Groupon Deal Alert):

If you want to get the deal, just click BUY before the offer ends. If the minimum number of people sign up (and they usually do), you’ll get a printable gift certificate in your inbox the next morning that you can use whenever you want (well, at least until the deal expires). If not enough people join, no one gets the deal (and you won’t be charged), so invite your friends to make sure you get the discount!

It’s a win-win situation, since you get a great deal AND the company benefits from your business! Another nice feature: Groupon offers can be gifted to others (since you pay via credit card when you agree to an offer)! You can print the Groupon certificate directly from your computer (to include in a card, etc.) or send it via email as a gift for the recipient to print.


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